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Project management yara2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Venture the board yara2 - Essay Example From the way that assets will consistently stay constrained, directors are required to deal with the restricted assets utilizing efficient thoughts, powerful strategies and speculations and great setting of norms to guarantee the undertaking prevails without pointless consumptions. Most undertaking directors whose ventures have fizzled can be followed to the poor translation of asset accessibility. It is on this point the task administrators are required to include all round asset the board aptitudes to abstain from bombing imperative organization items. An overall asset the board for this situation incorporates both money related and human capital. The components required for viable task the executives under the constrained assets incorporate the capacity of the chiefs to design, sort out, immediate, organize, control and assessment of the entire procedure. These components are constantly expected to shape a key piece of any undertaking at the beginning stage. Knowing or noticing th e significance of these components during venture isn't sufficient to direct the task towards progress. Administration characteristics and down to earth parts of the undertaking the board must become the overwhelming focus. Various undertakings have fizzled notwithstanding the accessibility of assets due poor initiative. One of the components of task the executives initiative is association of all and exact correspondence. Great venture the board must include a slow procedure of presentation of any new things or changes. This examination will concentrate on great undertaking the executives from administration to the pragmatic point (Meredith and Mantel, 2012). Associations and individual supervisors have encountered a progression of task disappointments. These disappointments can be followed to poor administration inside the association and the venture group. The contrast among effective and bombed ventures has been brought up to be the administration perspective. Fruitful undertaking the board as depicted by this examination requires successful administration from the

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'How has the Y Generation changed HRM practice Thesis Proposal

'How has the Y Generation changed HRM practice - Thesis Proposal Example It is consequently why, today, explicit staff are doled out with obligations on representative maintenance. Integral to this drive is the human asset office in light of the fact that a great many people related exercises depend on its arrangements and procedures. (Finnegan 2009, p43) In a hierarchical endeavor for worker maintenance and turnover, human asset administrators need to look at, comprehend and deal with the issue and that a compelling administration can emphatically affect the expense on enrollment, preparing, socialization and disturbance, including various other circuitous expenses. (Phillips and Connell, p1) In this regard, a central worry in worker maintenance is the manner by which the supposed Generation Y influences HR rehearses. This is issue risen out of the rule that ages of representatives vary in their attributes, and, henceforth, have various necessities, wants, conduct, desires and prerequisites should have been fulfilled. Foundation: The Generation Y Generat ion Y alludes to those individuals conceived from the 1980s to the 1990s. A few scholastics are increasingly explicit, setting such births somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1995. (Tsui and Lai 2009, p39) They are otherwise called the â€Å"Echo Boomers† â€Å"Millenials,† â€Å"Netsters† among different names. They are, be that as it may, recognized from Generation X and, all the more as of late, the purported Generation Z. ... Age Y, in the interim, are those individuals conceived between 1995-2009. (Vaiman and Vance 2008, p66) There are around sixty million Generation Y-ers and that these would have entered the workforce by this decade. (Stone 2005, p266) Vaiman and Vance expressed that Generation Y representatives are in incredible interest and that they establish 20 percent of today’s workforce, and ready to arrive at 40 percent in only five years or less. (p66) The attributes and estimations of this gathering are all around reported. For example, Lamb, Hair and McDaniel (2008) laid out a far reaching profile, clarifying that a Generation Y-er is: Impatient since they have experienced childhood in a world that is constantly been computerized and that they approach PCs; Inquisitive in light of the fact that more than their folks about PCs and innovation and this is really a wellspring of pride; Family-arranged because of their steady adolescence because of guardians that are profoundly inspired by family life; Opinionated as they have been urged to impart their insights at home, at school and the network; Diverse as this age saw the biggest number of races inside America and there are a decent number who guarantee to have originated from more than one race; and, Time Managers since their whole lives have been planned †from play area to soccer cam to Little League. (p76) Put another way, Generation Y is as far as anyone knows a result of homes with gushing guardians, epitomized as soccer mothers, guardians who prep their kids for the correct schools, and guardians who regularly have a high level of association in their children’s close term and longer-term exercises, plans, and objectives. (Lloyd, p161) It isn't, subsequently, astonishing

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Common Phobic Reactions for the Three Types of Phobias

Common Phobic Reactions for the Three Types of Phobias Phobias Print Common Phobic Reactions for the Three Types of Phobias By Lisa Fritscher Lisa Fritscher is a freelance writer and editor with a deep interest in phobias and other mental health topics. Learn about our editorial policy Lisa Fritscher Updated on October 14, 2018 JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images More in Phobias Causes Symptoms and Diagnosis Treatment Types A loose definition of a phobic reaction is any reaction to a phobia. These reactions are symptoms -- for example, feeling intense anxiety or sweaty palms -- and may range from mild to severe. A therapist will use the details you give her about your phobic reactions to help her make the correct diagnosis. When to Seek Help for Phobic Reactions There are three types of phobia: social phobia, agoraphobia, and specific phobia. Symptoms, or phobic reactions, may be psychological, such as an intense feeling of unease or foreboding; physical, such as crying or gastrointestinal distress; or behavioral, which includes a wide variety of avoidance tactics. Your phobic reaction merits a trip to the doctor when your symptoms interfere with your ability to make money, maintain healthy personal relationships, and perform essential daily tasks, such as bathing or grocery shopping. Treatment for Phobic Reactions All three types of phobia are highly treatable with help from a mental health professional and tend to get worse over time if you dont seek treatment. Typical treatment for phobia includes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques including gradual desensitization, comparing your unreasonable fears to the actual risk, and changing your maladaptive thoughts into constructive ones. Phobic Reactions in Social Phobia Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder, is a fear of judgment by others. Its an intense fear of embarrassing or humiliating yourself in small or large groups. Phobic reactions to what triggers your social phobia may include:      being overly concerned you will offend someone      an intense fear of having a conversation with strangers      avoiding any situation where you will be the center of attention, such as a birthday party      anticipating the worst case scenario during a social situation Phobic Reactions in Agoraphobia Agoraphobia is commonly thought of as a fear of wide, open space. Actually, this anxiety disorder is a fear of being unable to escape to safety or find help when you start having a phobic reaction. The physical symptoms match those of specific phobia (below). Maladaptive thoughts during a phobic reaction to agoraphobia can include:      Im losing my sanity.      I might lose control and have an obvious phobic reaction in public and others may stare.      I wont be able to get out of here if I start to have a phobic reaction. Certain behaviors are characteristic of agoraphobia, including:      not being able to leave your residence for long periods of time      an aversion to being far from home      needing someone you trust when going out Phobic Reactions in Specific Phobia Specific phobia presents as an intense, exaggerated, and persistent fear of a situation or object. The number of specific phobias is only limited by the number of nouns and includes, a fear of bathing (ablutophobia), a fear of the number 8 (octophobia), and the fear of death (thanatophobia). A phobic reaction to specific phobia happens when you anticipate or encounter your trigger and includes:      feelings of imminent doom      feeling dizzy or light-headed      nausea or diarrhea      avoidance tactics to prevent an encounter with your trigger      ringing in your ears

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Case of the Unpopular Pay - 7381 Words

Many managers have bought into expensive fictions about compensation, Haveyoul SIX DANGEROUS MYTHS ABOUT PAY BY JEFFREY PFEFFER pays an average C average of $21.^2hourly wage of $18.07. ^^^^ second pays an an hour. Assuming that other directemployment costs, such as benefits, are the same for the two groups, which group has the higher labor eosts^ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ An airline is seeking to compete in the low-cost, low-frills segment of the U.S. market where, for obvious reasons, labor productivity and efficiency are crucial for competitive success. The company pays virtually no one on the basis of individual merit or performance. Does it stand a chance of successl †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ A company that operates in an intensely competitive segment of the†¦show more content†¦But according to data collected by Fairfield University Professor Jeffrey Artbur, its labor costs were much lower because tbe productivity of tbe mills was higher. The seeond set of mills actually required 34% fewer labor bours to produce a ton of steel tban tbe first set and also generated 63% less scrap. Tb e second set of mills eould bave raised workers pay rate by 19% and still bad lower labor costs. Connected to tbe first mytb are three more mytbs tbat draw on tbe same logic. Wben managers believe tbat labor costs and labor rates are tbe same tbing, tbey also tend to believe tbat tbey can cut labor costs by cutting labor rates. Thats Mytb #2. Again, tbis leaves out tbe important matter of productivity. I may replace my $2,ooo-a-week engineers witb ones tbat earn $500 a week, but my costs may skyrocket because tbe new, lower-paid employees are inexperienced, slow, and less capable. In that case, I would bave increased my costs by cutting my rates. Managers wbo mix up labor rates and labor costs also tend to accept Mytb #3: tbat labor costs are a significant portion of total costs. Sometimes, tbats true. It is, for example, at accounting and consulting firms. But tbe ratio of labor costs to total costs varies widely in different industries and companies. And even where it is true, its not as important as many managers believe. Tbose wbo swallow Mytb #4-tbat low labor costs are a potent competitiveShow MoreRelatedCanadian Case Study774 Words   |  4 Pagessend their children to the Catholic schools, even if they were not religious, all on the governments dime. The issue was brought to court, and eventually the SCC itself where the judges there declared it violated the Charter of Rights and freedoms to pay for non-Catholic children to go to catholic schools, as it violated the state’s right to religious neutrality (Morgan, 2017). In the year the SCC gave the Saskatchewan government to make the required changes, the entire school system would have toRead MoreTo Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Essay749 Words   |  3 PagesShe does not clearly state which characters are dignified, but she utilizes actions to differentiate between the dignified and the undignified. Amongst the poor folk, the Cunninghams have dignity and the Ewells lack it. The Cunninghams pay back everything they borrow. One Cunningham turned the racist mob away from Atticus and Tom Robinson; another almost voted for Toms innocence at his trial. This virtuous behavior proves the Cunninghams to be dignified. While the CunninghamsRead MoreFreedom Of Expression Under Charter Framework1643 Words   |  7 PagesAnother important Supreme Court case that examined the reasonable limits on freedom of expression is R v. Whatcott. The Whatcott ruling also challenged the jurisdictional issues of free speech. William Whatcott, a Christian activist who advocated strongly against homosexuality and same sex marriage. Whatcott distributed several flyers in Saskatchewan that discussed political, social and moral issues. Many of these flyers heavily denouncing homosexuality using strong offensive language denouncingRead MoreThe Rochester Castle Under Siege in 1215 Essay814 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom them to cross over the channel and help him personally in his wars. Most of the barons had no wish to part with more money or to fight in France but John raised the taxes so that John would get more money off them and in some cases if John didnt like a certain baron he would tax him more for no reason. In 1205 john met with his barons and tried to get them to come and fight with him to regain his lands in France. After losing Normandy, john began to distrust hisRead MoreAbortion Policy : Aditations And Implications Of House Bill 40832 Words   |  4 PagesBackground Public Act 100-0538 is most notable for its â€Å"trigger repeal,† which eliminates language contained in the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. The eliminated language was designed to outlaw abortions at the state level if the 1973 Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, were ever overturned or modified or if the U.S. Constitution were ever amended. However, many doubted that this trigger language could have actually been enforced due to the lack of specificity, which rendered it merely a statement ofRead MoreiTUnes1432 Words   |  6 Pages1) Provide an argument for why a variable pricing policy might increase the sales revenue from Apple’s Music Store (compared to the flat pricing policy). Life is complicated, but Apple Computer ‘s iTunes store is pretty simple: Download a song and pay $0.99 cents. In 2009, Apple announced that for the first time would allow beginning implementing variable pricing on the iTunes Music Store. Instead of a absolute $0.99 cent price point, record labels would now have the option to charge $1.29 for moreRead MoreEssay about Lesions of the Prefrontal Cortex1530 Words   |  7 Pagesappear to extend beyond avoidance of punishment in most cases(Anderson 1999). Personality is marked by poor judgment, minimal insight into/slight anticipation of consequence, a desire for autonomy but a lack of self- initiation, lack of sense of competency, lack of identity, a lack of relationship between self and others and self and environment, and a deficit in motivation and goal directed behavior(Eslinger 2003). Most cases do not appear to experience anxiety or fear. These personsRead MoreA Peoples History of the United States by Howard Zinn1242 Words   |  5 Pagesupper-class and poor Americans against the British rapidly lead to a full scale war. The Revolutionary war began with the goal to free the colonist of America from the clutches of England, but in a more likely case it just got rid of oversea rulers with some much closer. The war was unpopular in America, â€Å"President John Adams estimated perhaps only a third of the Colonists were strongly for independence, with another third opposed and the last third indifferent† (Zinn, 1980). Noticing this trend, theyRead MoreMoral Courage For A Nurse Named Emily1513 Words   |  7 PagesThe impact a misinformed or inadequately trained nurse could have is profound as a simple wrong move could cost someone his or her life. Due to the severity of the situation and as a nurse, Emily had the responsibility to take action. Despite how unpopular a decision it was E mily did the right thing. Getting through the near-term negative backlash is easy in comparison to dealing with the long-term effect of not taking action. Despite the negative reaction and with guidance from Emily medical center’sRead MoreWhat Ethical Theory Is Most Consistent With Lawyer s Professional Responsibilities? Essay1661 Words   |  7 Pagesresponsibilities and obligations of a lawyer. The relationship is significant and indicates the manner of how the lawyer will distinguish their role in the justice system. This relationship and the lawyers responsibilities was first outlined in the case of Nocton v Lord Ashburton , where the courts held, a lawyer owed a duty to appropriately advise their clients; in the circumstance this duty was breached by the lawyer, the client was entitled to compensation. Since then, the legal responsibilities

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Pornography Pornography And Pornography - 1482 Words

Pornography: Mr. Collins reports that he first viewed pornography when he was in sixth grade. He states that he became curious about women and sex and â€Å"Googled boobs† on the Internet. After his initial query, he states that he viewed digital images of nude women about once or twice a month. Mr. Collins reports that his pornography consumption increased when he was in the 8th and 9th grade. Mr. Collins reports that he discovered Internet websites dedicated to pornographic content, videos, images, and erotic stories, from conversations with his peers at school. Being curious about sex and women already, he states that he began to make Google queries to dedicated pornography websites and his consumption of pornography increased. Mr.†¦show more content†¦Collins reports that he moved to San Diego when he was nineteen and half years of age to live with a friend. He states that he needed a change of â€Å"scenery† at that time because he felt lonely. He reports that the majority of his friends had moved away to college and his spent a lot of time alone in his room. Mr. Collins reports that his masturbation and pornography consumption decreased during this time, mainly due to the lack of privacy. He states that there were people in and out of the place he was living and he was working and â€Å"hanging out with friends†. When he did view pornography, he states that it would be during the evening and each occurrence was about thirty minutes in duration, all the while masturbating. Mr. Collins reports that while he enjoyed his time in San Diego, he was not satisfied with the trajectory of his life. He states that he worked odd jobs and would spend most of his free time socializing and this did not financially afford him to be able to live on his own. So he decided it was time to move back home after living in San Diego for about six months. That same year, Mr. Collins reports that his father suddenly passed away. After this tragic event, he reports that his pornography and sexual chatting online increased. â€Å"My porn and chatting slowly increased, because I had less to do, I was bored, and all my friends were away at college. I was home alone more and this became a habit†. Mr. Collins reports that his pornographyShow MoreRelatedPornography : Pornography And Pornography913 Words   |  4 PagesBefore, I started this course I would have defined pornography by saying porn is porn. This quote sums up how I felt. â€Å"I can t define pornography, bu t I know it when I see it,† said Justice Stewart (West, 2012). However, just after reading the resources from the first few weeks I see why defining it is so hard, it is too broad and there is too much ‘it depends on.’ The definition of pornography is every changing and will be different depending on the country, country, culture, and family and downRead MorePornography Is The Problem Of Pornography907 Words   |  4 Pages Pornography is essentially the â€Å"crack cocaine† of the internet. Specifically, society should bring awareness to the various mental disorders pornography can create. One major mental issue that can be derived from porn is the simply addiction one has towards the adult film industry. Such easy access to pornography makes weaning off of porn very difficult if one is addicted, as it is available at every turn thanks to smartphones. From your smartphone, magazines, and even social media, the addictionRead MorePornography; an Informative 683 Words   |  3 PagesThere is a quote that states, â€Å"Pornography is more honest than religion.† But is that true?. According to Psychology Today, Pornography is a sexually explicit material intended to sexually arouse. Pornography is often referred to as porn while a pornographic work is referred to as a porno. Softcore porn refers to pornography that does not depict sexual penetration or fetish acts, while hardcore porn refers to penetration or extreme fetish acts, or both. According to Wikipedia, Erotic filmsRead MoreEssay on Pornography1735 Words   |  7 PagesPornography Pornography is ripping apart our society. Although Christians are sometimes discus tied with the impact and apathetic about the need to control this menace. Pornography is a year business with close ties to organized crime. Pornography involves books, magazines, videos, and devices and has moved from the society into the mainstream through the renting of video cassettes, sales Of so-called soft-porn magazines, and the airing of sexually explicit movies on Cable television. Read MoreViolent Pornography Is An Example Of Illegal Pornography942 Words   |  4 Pages There are three types of pornography. There is soft core, hardcore and illegal. Violent pornography is an example of illegal pornography. Violent pornography is defined as sexually explicit material that contains consensual, coercive and violent sexual actions portrayed by men and women. It is morally right for people to sell and use violent and degrading pornography. People should be able to allowed to view violent pornography in privately. It is not affecting other people if the person prefersRead MorePornography Addiction1967 Words   |  8 Pagesunhealthy use of sex has been a progressive process. It may have started with an addiction to masturbation, pornography (either printed or electronic), or a relationship, but over the years progressed to increasingly dangerous behaviors. With this in mind, Pornographic addiction will be the area of greatest concern. At first glance, unless you are of strong religious persuasion, pornography seems to have no harmful effects what-so-ever. But if you are to dissect this addiction, there are many problemsRead MorePornography In The Media1532 Words   |  7 Pages Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the purpose of sexual arousal. Pornography may be presented in a variety of media, including books, magazines, postcards, photographs, sculpture, drawing, painting, animation, sound recording, writing, film, video, and video games. The term applies to the depiction of the act rather than the act itself, and so does not include live exhibitions like sex shows and striptease. The primary subjects of present-day pornographic depictions areRead MoreThe Importance Of Pornography1432 Words   |  6 PagesBeing raised in a Cristian Mexican culture home, I was taught early in life to view adult content mater ial such as pornography as taboo. My Father was a strict strong minded man with high morals; raising four girls and one boy. My Mother on the other hand more on the passive side, yet she shared the same views as my Father when it came to pornography. I can vividly recall one summer day, playing hide and seek with the neighborhood children. It was a normal day, until a few of the children went missingRead MoreImmorality of Pornography2340 Words   |  10 PagesKen Stoye Ethics 2050 - 014 April 19, 2005 The Immorality of Pornography The argument over the morality of pornography can take shape in many different ways. In order to take a stance, its important to identify what exactly is included in the definition of pornography. In this paper, pornography will be defined as sexually explicit materials in which the acts depicted degrade or subordinate women. The degradation and subordination can occur through various different acts, but in an attempt toRead More Pornography Essay1979 Words   |  8 PagesPornography â€Å"Pornography comes from the Greek root porne (harlot, prostitute, or female captive) and graphos (writing about or description of)† (Buchwald 35). Already the word pornography has a negative connotation towards women condemning women of porn to a submissive or exploited role. The pornography industry is predominantly a male owned and run business, hence the male perspectives portrayed versus the female perspectives portrayed in pornography. There is a lack of women, in the controlling

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Environmental issues in Asia Free Essays

Developing countries face severe environmental issues as the rapid economic and population growth had created serious social and environmental problems which if left unattended can bring about very serious consequences. Some of these burning environmental issues faced by these Asian regions are the deforestation, global warming, air and water pollution, limited safe drinking water etc. apart from this manipulation of the natural resources and using unhealthy ways and means for developmental purposes is slowly destroying the resources of these nations which are of serious concern and needs immediate steps by the government and non governmental organizations to protect and rescue them from extinction. We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental issues in Asia or any similar topic only for you Order Now Two main problems that I wish to discuss in this research paper is air pollution and the increasing deficit in drinking water supply which is a great threat to the nations overall economic development. India is a fast developing country and its growth in the IT and industrial sector over the years is abundant. With the per capita income increasing with the sudden boom in industrial and technological sectors purchasing power has increased. Easy EMI and retail option enable almost anyone to get a vehicle and as the result traffic congestion, air pollution and noise pollution etc have increased thereby endangering the whole atmosphere and paving way to global warming. Water is the elixir of life we all know but although the world is third filled with water drinking water is available in limited quantity. India largely depends on monsoon rains for it agriculture and underground drinking water resources. Due to environmental issues like global warming, air pollution, industrial wastes, use of fertilizers etc result in less rainfall. Moreover the little rainfall received is wasted as it reaches the ocean without any proper preservation methods. The existing dams and water reservoirs are maintained poorly and hence little water collected due to seasonal rains are wasted. Hence an emergency plan to preserve this resource is necessary and steps to minimize air pollution should also be undertaken. Land usage in India: Area of the country: 3287260sq.kms Cultivable area: 1839560sq.kms Cultivated land area: 1697000sq.kms Population: Total population 1038056000 Rural: 71%  Ã‚  Ã‚   urban – 29% (www.indiastat.com) Water resources: Internal renewable water: 1260540 million cubic meters Total renewable water 1907760 million cubic meters Water use: Total withdrawal: 500000 million cubic meters Agriculture: 92% Domestic: 5% Industrial: 3% Irrigation: Irrigation potential: 1135120 sq. kms Land under irrigation: 501010 sq. kms Surface irrigation: 493300 sq. kms Area irrigated with surface water 40.5% Area irrigated with ground water 53% ( research paper on survey of Indian resources – 2005) The above facts clearly state the environmental condition of this great nation. The need for ground water for irrigation alone is almost 53% and this ground water level is diminishing today due to lack of rains and improper irrigation methods. The surface water again is becoming polluted because of unhygienic and improper maintenance and preservation methods. Further use of chemicals and pesticides for industry and agriculture has highly polluted both surface and ground water. When agriculture uses highly toxic pesticides it destroys not only the soil but also the water underneath. Some of the reasons for water scarcity in India are rising demand for water as population increases over extraction of surface and ground level water delay in completion of developmental projects due to lack of funds and political pressure or instable governments contamination of water resources due to the increased human impact globalization and industrial development polluting air ad water thereby altering urban climate Etc. There is a huge demand for water in the years to come especially keeping in mind the population the demand seems to be a nightmare. In almost all parts of India water deficiencies show an increasing trend and the surplus show a decreasing trend Four states and one union territory   have no surplus water The availability of water will reduce one fifth in three decades Government role to curb further water shortage: From time to time government plays a major part in implementing measures to check this water scarcity. Development projects like building dams, reservoirs, cleaning tanks and increasing awareness to store and use drinking water sensibly is being undertaken. State and central governments join together and use the allotted funds to implement such projects. But political pressure, unstable government and lack of funds create a void in these projects which is either dropped or not put into practice wholly. Moreover bribery in all fields curbs the growth and development of these projects. Although many NGO’S and non governmental organizations and business establishments try to fund these projects the funds are highly misused or mishandled by faulty politicians. Balanced growth in both agriculture and industry is needed for a countries overall performance and development. But industry is developing in India in a faster pace and it looks like agriculture is neglected. Plans to curb air pollution are needed desperately as it affects the rain and overall climatic condition of the nation. More plants should be planted and forests should be conserved and all measures to save rain water undertaken. Rain water harvesting was seriously implemented in some states and the result is yet to be seen. The roads and the infrastructure is very poor and even the slightest rain causes flash floods. Proper drainage and town planning is missing in cities like Mumbai and Chennai. Great awareness of the results of such negligence should be spread around and people should be educated as to the affects of global warming and air pollution. Individuals should take this mission in their hands to ensure safety for future generation. Every successful business concern should adopt one area or town to implement development projects like planting trees, cleaning drinking water reservoirs and dam’s etc. individuals for their part should maintain hygiene and prevent wastage of water. Governments should curb the vehicles promotion by making strict laws against easy availability of driving license and fine or punishment if driving unchecked vehicles against air and noise pollution. Industries should be made to dispose their chemicals and smoke safely so as not to pollute the air and water. Strict laws and cancellation of their industrial license should be enacted. If everyone could use water sensibly and avoid polluting substances India would become a super power rich in natural resources and hygiene. Short term practical solutions: Keeping the surroundings clean and maintaining a social responsibility to preserve and conserve our natural resources is every individual’s imminent responsibility Creating social awareness of this burning issue among the general public by conducting seminars, student programs and through entertainment to educate even the uneducated and down trodden To keep water bodies clean and check for pollution from nearby factories and industries Proper recycle of industrial wastes Undeterred implementation of government development schemes Strict implementation of anti pollution laws Increasing facilities in public transport and curtailing the use of private transport facilities Planting more trees Long term practical solutions: general infrastructure of the cities and towns should be properly planned and implemented keeping the long term benefit in mind strict adherence to herbal petrol and enabling gas or pollution free fuel regular pollution control checks in vehicles and factories strict laws against faulty companies which release industrial waste into water bodies building tanks, dams and reservoirs to save the excess rain water from reaching the sea soil promotion and banning chemical pesticides in agriculture organic farming should be encouraged and promoted funds must be set aside for developmental projects awareness for the need for funds should be created among NRI and all steps to utilize these funds properly should be undertaken social organizations, business establishments and individuals should be encouraged to undertake or adopt certain social duties to minimize government pressure Singapore is the world’s second free economy and second most competitive Asian economy. It is the best connected countries with a robust infrastructure to suit another century or so. Globally connected, top ranking business environment, with stable infrastructure and diverse world class business solutions has made Singapore the top ranked and most preferred business ground. Free trade will definitely enable people from all over the world to throng Singapore but how does it maintain its resources against the growing demand, how is it possible for this small nation to keep its streets and water bodies clean and vehicles free from polluting the atmosphere. With a total land area of only 699.0 sq. km together with the mainland and other small islands surrounding it has a annual rainfall of about 2,136 mm. the resident population is 4,483,900 and mainly consist of immigrants from neighboring Asian countries like china and India. The literacy rate above 15 years is 95% and the per capita GDP is S$ 44,666. Labor force in this country is 2,367,300 and the unemployment rate is just 3.4%. ( http://www.sedb.com/edb/sg/en_uk/index/why_singapore/singapore_rankings.html ) The country synthesis report on urban air quality management conducted in 2006 clearly states the measures taken by Singapore to prevent or restrict air pollution. The ambient AQ is regularly monitored with the help of 14 air monitoring machines placed across the island of Singapore. This monitoring has aided in the review of pollution control measures and this has given a positive result in controlling air pollution in the country. AQ monitoring methods used are based on the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The offenders were prosecuted and were required to take remedial action. Since 1971 many laws are set up to maintain clean air focusing much on vehicular pollution and industrialization. The EPCA combines laws for air, water and noise pollution and gives a legislative framework to control pollution of the environment. Lead petrol was stopped and slowly the level of sulfur from diesel was also reduced considerably to control and reduce emission from vehicles. Ultra low sulfur diesel was introduced to implement euro 4 emission standard and it took effect from October 2006. Air quality in Singapore is the best in the world and it was possible only through strict measures taken by the government to control emission and resolve different forms of pollution. Green plan 2012 is another great step undertaken to further improve the quality of the environment for the years to come. (http://app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/category_sub.asp?cid=29 ) Highly compatible and well maintained reservoirs catch every drop of rain water and this is utilized by almost half of Singapore uses this water. New projects to build new dams and reservoirs desalination plants, etc are also are being developed. To aid in this mission MEWater is set up which is high quality water received from water reclamation from 2003. Sustainability and cleanliness of water supply and environment is maintained well as Singapore stands tall as a very good example of how we should conserve and preserve our natural resources for a better tomorrow. It is clearly evident that Singapore has successfully implemented anti pollutant measures and even though its economy is growing fast the infrastructure and the low pollution levels are unchanged. There is enough water to meet all the growing needs and the greenery and the cleanliness stands proof of the people commitment to make their country a higher power standing out and setting an example to all other nations. Asian countries like India and china can take this as an example and with proper coordination with this country try to implement such strict rules in their country too. Finally it is a joint responsibility of both the government and the individuals and they should both commit themselves to make a better, cleaner and pollution free nation not only for us but also to our future generations. Reference: Survey of Indian resources – research paper submitted to the Annamalai Open University. India   www.indiastat.com http://www.sedb.com/edb/sg/en_uk/index/why_singapore/singapore_rankings.html http://app.nea.gov.sg/cms/htdocs/category_sub.asp?cid=29             How to cite Environmental issues in Asia, Essay examples

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Romeo And Juliet, Lovers For All Time 2 Essays -

Romeo And Juliet, Lovers For All Time 2 Romeo and Juliet, Lovers for All Times For: English 442 Purdue University ?1998 Chrisitan L Mattix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ever since the publications of the good quarto, published in 1599, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, has been one of the classics of Western literature (Evans 1093). In being this, it has been produced many different times, in many different ways. I will be discussing how the production of this great play has changed over time. First, though, I will supply a little background for the play. The stories of two star-crossed lovers and forbidden passion are not new to literature. There were many works before Romeo and Juliet from which Shakespeare borrowed. Some of these include Mosuccio of Salerno in his 1476 work, Il Novellin o, Luigi da Proto with his Istoria . . .di due nobili Amanti, in about 1530, and Arthur Brookes three thousand line poem titled The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet, published in 1562 (Evans 1055). All of these had the same themes as Romeo and Juliet. This borrowing of ideas and loose use of the text continued in the manner in which the play has been produced. In 1745 and 1750 David Garrick direct several productions of Romeo and Juliet (Branam 170). In these productions he made several changed to both the way the characters are presented and to the play itself. In a 1748 text, Garrick wrote a note To the Reader: The alterations in the following play are few and trifling, except in the last act; the design was to clear the Original, as much as possible from the Jingle and the Quibble, which were always thought the great objections to reviving it (qtd. In Branam 173). Garrick uses several means to remove the Jingle and Quibble from the play (Branam 173). Where he thought the rhyme and wordplay to be excessive he would compact it. For example the long drawn out exchange between Samson and Gregory in the first scene is compressed to four lines: Sam. Gregory, I strike quickly, being mov'd. Gred. But thou are not quickly mov'd to strike. Sam. A dog of the house of Montague moves. Greg. Draw thy tool then, for here come of that house. (qtd. In Branam 173) Garrick also took liberty with Romeo's lyrical nature. He shortened many of Romeo's lines in order to dull it somewhat. For example, Garrick shortens: Why such is love's transgression. Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast; Which thou wilt propagate, to have it prest With more of thine: this love that thou hast shown Doth add more grief to too much of mine own. From act one, scene one, to: Which thou wilt propagate with more of thine; This love, that thou hast shewn in my concern, Doth add more grief to too much of mine own. in his 1748 text (Branam 173-174). In reading the play the rhyme is missed, but in watching a performance the mood is more set by the interaction of the two lovers, then the actual words. Another change that Garrick made, albeit reluctantly and under pressure, was the complete removal of Rosaline from the play. In 1784 he explains: Many people have imagin'd that the sudden change of Romeo's Love from Rosaline to Juliet was a blemish in his Character, but alteration of that kind was thought too bold to be attempted; Shakespear [sic.] has dwelt particularly upon it, and so great a judge of human nature, knew that to be young and inconstant was extremely natural (qtd. In Branam 177). Garrick's largest, and most prominent, change was in modifying the tomb scene. Here Garrick borrows from Thomas Otwayis History and Fall of Caius Marius, published in 1679 and based on Romeo and Juliet (Branam 174). In Shakespeare's original work the act of the poison on Romeo is almost instantaneous, but in Garricks new rendition the poison acts slowly. This gives new light to both Romeo and Juliet's characters. Garrick designed the scene to be more tragic then the original play. In this rendition, Romeo sees Juliet and she speaks to him: I now remember well Each circumstance Oh my lord, my Romeo! Had'st thou not come, sure I slept for ever: But there's a sovereign charm in thy embraces That can revive the dead Oh honest Friar!